Client Marla Lackey delivering her keynote to an audience of over 1500.

Public Speaking Coaching

Client Marla Lackey delivering her keynote to an audience of over 1500.

Your capacity to inspire and lead is more significant than you might believe.

Whether you are addressing an audience, leading a company, or part of a team, effective coaching can transform ordinary individuals into extraordinary influencers, facilitating significant change and guiding groups towards shared goals.

Drawing upon performance strategies Elizabeth has honed from her experience in international theater, dance, on-stage, and on-camera acting, she, as your public speaking coach, will create a tailored plan. This plan aims to reveal and enhance your authentic voice, empowering speakers, executives, and team members to establish compelling connections with any audience.

During your personalized coaching sessions, you will learn such things as:

  • Articulate your vision and message with passion and unrivaled clarity, ensuring every word resonates with your audience.

  • Assertively take control of any stage, whether in a virtual meeting or a live conference, with unwavering confidence.

  • Harness and project your authentic self, significantly enhancing the impact and delivery of your communication by infusing it with your unique personality traits.

  • Overcome common hurdles of nervousness and memory lapses.

  • Captivate and persuade, leveraging the dynamic power of words to inspire and initiate action amongst listeners.

Who Can Benefit from a Public Speaking Coach?


...who wish to refine their delivery and leave a lasting impression on every audience.

CEOs and Senior Executives

...looking to articulate their visions internally and externally with clarity and impact.


...seeking to captivate their audience and command attention every time they speak.

Thought Leaders

...aiming to expand their speaking engagements and strengthen their industry authority.

Public Figures

...desiring to enhance their influence and presence.


...eager to communicate confidently with higher-ups and think swiftly on their feet.

Personalized Public Speaking Coaching Journey

These are the steps we will take during your personalized coaching journey:

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