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Elizabeth de Moraes excels in transformative communication, blending her background in communication coaching with an international performance career. Her philosophy, "Speak, Inspire, Thrive," is rooted in her experience in the performing arts and expertise in storytelling and stage presence. Her keynotes merge artistry with practicality, teaching impactful communication techniques with charisma and emotional intelligence. Elizabeth is more than a speaker; she's a storyteller who inspires change and action. Her sessions are transformative, equipping participants with strategies for effective communication and authentic leadership, empowering them to thrive personally and professionally.

Signature Keynotes

Command the Room: The Power of Unforgettable Personal Presence

Explore the transformative techniques to elevate your personal presence, ensuring you not only

command the room but also leave an unforgettable impact on every audience you engage with.

Unleash Your Magnetic Self to Make the Impact and Income You Desire

Learn to harness the magnetism within you,

elevating your impact in life and career through authentic connections and a presence that's

unforgettable and influential.

Storytelling for Impact: Crafting Messages That Resonate

Dive into the power of storytelling to discover how you can craft compelling narratives that resonate, connect, and leave a lasting impact on your audience.

Turn Your Self-Sabotage Into Your Super Power

Discover how to harness the hidden strength within your self-sabotage, transforming it into a superpower that propels you towards unparalleled personal and professional growth.

Available For:

  • Keynotes

  • Moderating

  • Breakout Sessions

  • Conferences

  • Retreats

  • Podcast Interviews

  • FB Group Trainings

  • Telesummits

Keynote topics that Elizabeth can give:

  • Commanding the Room: The Power of Unforgettable Stage Presence

    Dive into the heart of captivating your audience with Elizabeth de Moraes as she unravels the secrets of commanding stage presence in this immersive keynote.

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Drawing from her extensive international performing experience, Elizabeth reveals how to own the room with confidence, charisma, and authenticity. Discover the subtle art of non-verbal communication, the magnetic pull of emotional connection, and the strategies to maintain engagement and command attention. Whether you're addressing a boardroom, speaking at a conference, or leading a team, learn to leave an indelible mark on your audience and transform every speaking opportunity into a memorable experience. Join Elizabeth and master the dynamic power of stage presence to elevate your impact and inspire your audience at every turn.

  • Storytelling for Impact: Crafting Messages that Resonate

    Building on her performing experience, Elizabeth teaches the art of storytelling as a powerful tool for leaders. Effective storytelling captivates audiences, simplifies complex ideas, and drives home messages in a memorable way, making it an invaluable skill for presentations and pitches.

  • Navigating the Spotlight: Public Speaking Mastery

    Given her stage experience, Elizabeth's keynote focuses on overcoming the fear of public speaking and mastering the art of delivering impactful speeches. Leaders often address audiences of various sizes, especially large audiences, and doing so with confidence and clarity significantly enhances their credibility and influence.

  • Authentic Leadership

    The Journey to Self-Discovery and Authenticity: Reflecting on her own journey, Elizabeth discusses the importance of authenticity in leadership. Understanding and staying true to one's values and beliefs inspires trust and loyalty among team members and creates a more open, ethical, and productive workplace.

  • Building High-Performance Teams

    Communication and Collaboration Strategies: Utilizing her experience in working with diverse groups, she offers insights into effective communication and collaboration strategies that forge strong, high-performing teams. This is particularly important in today's diverse and often remote work environments.

Hire Elizabeth for EmCeeing:

  • Elizabeth de Moraes excels as an EmCee, bringing her unique blend of charisma, expertise, and experience to every event she hosts. With her background as an international performer, speaker, and master communication coach, she ensures a seamless and dynamic flow for events, captivating audiences with her eloquence and charm Her ability to engage with people from all walks of life, from corporate executives to reality TV stars, makes her an ideal host for a wide range of events.

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Her skills in stage presence, storytelling, and emotional connection, honed over decades in performing arts and coaching, enable her to connect with the audience on a deeper level, ensuring each event is not just managed but transformed into a memorable experience. As an EmCee, Elizabeth doesn't just introduce speakers or segments; she adds value with her insightful commentary and creates a cohesive narrative that enhances the overall impact of the event.

Whether leading a corporate gala, a high-profile conference, or a charity fundraiser, Elizabeth's poise and professionalism shine through. Her ability to adapt to different settings and audiences, coupled with her talent for maintaining energy and focus, ensures that every event is engaging, smoothly run, and leaves a lasting impression. As an EmCee, she is not just a host; she's an integral part of the event's success, making her a sought-after choice for any occasion seeking to make a significant impact.

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