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Are you ready to take your next step toward communicating more confidently and effectively on camera and on stage?

Receive My Free Self-Assessment List of What Specific Skills You Need to Focus on to Become a More Impactful Presenter on Camera & on Stage.

Executives, business professionals and Key Opinion Leaders are called to be influencers and brand ambassadors for their companies.


Whether it is representing you and your company's brand in video conferences, television/radio interviews, award ceremonies or making presentations to shareholders or customers, confident communication and a professional and magnetic presence is key to your success. 


You are not only required to be competent in your job and expertise, but also effective at giving an outstanding performance when it comes to communicating ideas, marketing messages or new policies. 

Powerful and captivating communicators more easily gain the trust and buy-in of their listeners and create a great impression for the brand as a whole. And especially now that more professionals are telecommuting, an effective on-camera presence has become an essential skill in the work place.

When utilizing the three pillars with the framework of the Magnetic Method™ you are sure to develop the on-camera and stage communication and the performance skills necessary to captivate an audience and help your company achieve its goals and boost brand reputation in the media, online and in person.

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Whether you are a novice or are more seasoned making appearances on TV interviews, radio, on stage, or the boardroom, the 3-part Magnetic Method™ framework is designed with the leader in you in mind.

With three different, yet integrated coaching pillars of support, you are sure to take your on-camera and on-stage delivery to the next level of connection and impact.  Your confidence will soar and your captivating magnetism will expand exponentially.

Because our concierge services are bespoke to your specific needs, together we will determine which pillars will best serve you and your goals. You may utilize all three pillars of support and approach them sequentially, or pick and choose, depending on your needs.

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Hello, I 'm Elizabeth de Moraes, M.A., M.F.A..png

As an international communication and media coach who specializes in helping leaders develop a captivating presence and create concise messaging on camera and in person, I have enabled my global clients through my Magnetic Method™ framework—from C-Suite executives to professional athletes to six- and seven-figure entrepreneurs—communicate in authentic and powerful ways on television, in board rooms, and at corporate events, with the confidence and charisma of world-class performers.  

Many have been featured in international company marketing messaging, media interviews, awards shows, and on networks such as Netflix, HGTV, and more.


My passion is to share the same powerful tools I used with them, with you so you, too, can unlock our own signature presence, be seen as the obvious leader and catapult your success on a national, or global scale, in the media, online, or ascending the corporate ladder. 

I bring more than two decades of experience on stage and in front of the camera as a media coach,  professional  dancer/choreographer and actor. I also hold multiple post-graduate degrees in the field of performance praxis and pedagogy with years of training professional performers around the globe.

It's time to be the magnetic leader you know you are meant to be and I am here to help you do just that. 

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Ready to take your next step toward becoming more confident and effective on camera and on stage?

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