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Ready to take your next step toward becoming more confident and effective on camera and on stage?

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Executives and business professionals are called to be influencers and brand ambassadors for their companies.


Whether it is representing the brand in video conferences, television interviews, award ceremonies or making presentations to shareholders or customers, confident communication and a professional and magnetic presence is key to success. Especially during a worldwide pandemic, an effective on-camera presence has become an essential skill.


At Magnetic Media reIMAGINEd we help executives and professionals develop on-camera and stage communication and performance skills necessary to captivate any audience and help the company achieve its goals and boost brand reputation online and in person. 


Professionals are not only required to be competent in their job, but also effective at giving an outstanding performance when it comes to communicating ideas, messages or even new policies. 


Powerful communicators more easily gain the trust and buy-in of their listeners and create a great impression for the brand as a whole.


As the founder and CEO, Elizabeth de Moraes has over two decades of experience as a performing arts professional and then international Communication & Media Coach for executives, online entrepreneurs and public figures. Our specialty is in helping professionals command stages and on-camera appearances with the confidence and charisma of a world-class performer.  

We look forward to serving you and helping you reach your communication goals. Click on the button below and let's get the conversation started.   

Ready to elevate your authority and impact as a leader with the ability to better engage your audience ?

Elizabeth and her clients have been featured in:

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I used to be painfully shy and quiet, but when I learned how to turn on my powerful personal magnetism and stage presence that set me apart during my multiple-decade international professional dance and acting career, and transferred it into executive presence within being the public-figure of my businesses, I transformed myself into an impactful speaker,  best-selling author and media regular on an international scale.

As an international communication and media coach who specializes in helping executives and entrepreneurs create concise messaging and develop a captivating presence on camera, online, and in person I have enabled thousands of clients—from C-Suite executives to professional athletes to six- and seven-figure entrepreneurs—communicate in authentic and powerful ways on television, in board rooms, at corporate events and more.


I bring to my clients more than two decades in front of cameras as a media coach, professional dancer and actor. In addition to commanding stages and being a best-selling author, my insights haves been featured in media outlets including ABC, NBC, The CW, KTLA, and The Mommy Millionaire Show. My clients have been featured on Netflix, HGTV and more.

My passion is to now share these powerful tools with you so you, too, can unlock our own signature presence, be SEEN as the obvious leader and catapult your success on a national, or global scale, in the media, online, or ascending the corporate ladder. 

It's time to be perceived as the leader you know you are.

And I am here to help you do just that. 

Ready to take your next step toward becoming more confident and effective on camera and on stage?



My journey with Elizabeth started when the world shut down. 

From the moment I took her free online Lights Camera Confidence classes, I knew I was onto something. In nine short months of one on one and group coaching, I went from being a timid upcoming author scared to death to be in front of the camera to now a Best Selling published author who confidently shows up in the media and puts herself out there on video for the world to see. 

My success with overcoming my fears, doubts and lack of confidence has everything to do with Elizabeth. She taught by her example, through her great tips and tricks and by her sweet tough love. She is a blessing to have as a coach. 

Every time I press that “Go Live” button, I think of Elizabeth. I  thank God for bringing her into my life just at the right time. He knew I needed an Earth Angel like her to help me fulfill my life’s purpose with grace and confidence. 


Author & Speaker

Helped her develop and launch her media presence & book

During my debut as a fashion designer, I struggled with insecurities, speaking in public, and feeling worthy. I enlisted the services of Elizabeth to help battle some of these issues ahead of my launch.


Elizabeth was amazing to work with and was instrumental in helping me realize my full potential, increase my confidence and empowered me to stop living small. I would NOT hesitate to work with her for a second!


Fashion Designer & Creative Director

Helped her develop signature presence & confidence with media & public speaking

Working with Elizabeth has literally changed my life. When I say this it is not hype or exaggeration. The way I think, the way I see myself, the way I talk to and about myself, the way I deal with issues that arise have all changed because of the work we have done together.


My confidence has exponentially increased and now when I want to do something, I do it without doubt, or hesitation. No more do I say "Can I?", "What if I fail?", or "I'm not good enough." Now it is: "Ok, what's my plan!?"


She also helped me get prepared for media interviews when I was featured and I cannot thank her enough for the confidence gained.

I can NOT stress enough the value she brought to my life. Please take the leap and change YOUR life by working with her.


National Ballroom Champion

Helped increase her confidence & ballroom performance presence & in the media

Working with Elizabeth has been such a Godsend. I used to feel like an absolute deer in the headlights any time someone pointed a camera at me, always afraid I would say or do the wrong thing.


After working with Elizabeth my confidence skyrocketed, not only on camera, but in all areas of my life. This enabled me to undertake and attain both business and personal goals that I never would have dreamed of before.


Food Advocate, Culinary Inventor, and Producer of "Reinventing the Reel"

Helped her with on-camera delivery & produce her interview series