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Coaching impact-driven executives and business leaders to elevate their authority & impact as a leader by commanding their on-camera & on-stage appearances with the confidence, charisma & magnetism of a world-class performer.

Thank you very much for visiting this site. I look forward to having the honor of helping you reach your goals. 

I used to be painfully shy and quiet, but when I learned how to turn on my powerful personal magnetism and stage presence that set me apart during my multiple-decade international professional dance and acting career, and transferred it into executive presence within being the public-figure of my businesses, everything changed. 

And now I look forward to helping you on your journey of being more captivating and impactful during your public appearances. 

The techniques I used to teach and coach professional performers to become more magnetic and engaging for their audiences, I now transfer to help executives and business professionals. As an international Communication & Media Coach I  develop their own style of magnetic executive presence, confidence, polish, comfort and concise message delivery that creates more credibility, especially during on-camera public appearances.

And thus the Magnetic Method™ was created. 

It's time to connect with your audience at a deeper and authentic way. People are craving experiences of authenticity, connection, & conversations that impact the lives you touch.

My Clients and I Have Been Featured on:

Below You Will Find Some Examples of Elizabeth's Performance and Media Experiences.  For Client Examples, Go To "Client Walk of Fame."


Working with Elizabeth has been one of the greatest joys I have had as we accomplished so much together!The number one thing that stands out to me that helped me soar to success was the building up of my confidence. I feel like a new person after spending time with her through coaching. I absolutely AM a new person!Thank you, Elizabeth, for all that you helped me accomplish through gaining massive confidence and I look forward to more coaching in the future.


Author, Speaker, Top Direct Sales Leader

Helped her increase her confidence and launch her book and speaking


Going into Elizabeth's coaching, I had a vision, but lacked direction as to how to execute that vision, not to mention my lighting and framing were absolutely terrible!

What Elizabeth did was to help me gain my confidence back. She also gave me access to tools and resources that took my videos from an amateur level all the way to professional level.

Now I am attracting like professionals. Not to mention, I have several projects under production, all because she helped me to say yes to my dreams. 

Whether you're just starting out with video, or whether you're ready to take your on-camera presence up a few notches, I highly recommend personal coaching with Elizabeth as she can help you take your presence, products and services to the next level.


Transformational Life Coach

Helped her develop a video visibility plan, messaging and design of her interview studio


Elizabeth is everything but ordinary.


This exceptional woman is a multi talented and kindhearted woman who offers her selfless guidance for anyone looking to level up from their current stage of life and business.


Personally, she has helped me conquer fears that I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do so on my own. Her tough mindset paired with patience is what stands out to me. As my coach, she has empowered me to believe that I am capable and deserving of my dreams.


Oftentimes we limit ourselves  without even realizing it, but with Elizabeth’s guidance, she can help clear that pathway to become a better version of yourself.


God has placed special skills in each of our lives. Why not bring those special talents to the world to share?


 Triple Threat Performer, Children's Book Author, Product Inventor

Helped her increase her confidence, launch her children's book and invention to create more visibility

Media Appearances