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One of my favorite things to do is CELEBRATE accomplishments, no matter the size.

Please join me celebrating in some of my clients' work that we did together

I am very proud of these individuals and so many others not pictured (we don't have enough room and for privacy) who have gotten out of their comfort zone, were incredibly coachable, held their vision and boldly stepped out into their spotlight.

Will YOU be next to grace this Walk of Fame?

After months of keeping mum, we finally get to announce the appearance of my client, Misty, as a guest coach on Season 6, Episode 3 (No More Bull) of the Netflix mega hit, Queer Eye! 

We had a blast going down to Austin, TX to be on set to shoot a scene where she, the etiquette expert, coached the Hero on proper manners.

I had the wonderful honor and pleasure to help prep, style, develop her signature presence, and be her on-set support and couldn't be happier with the result. She did FABULOUSLY!

Make sure to catch this season!