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14 Tips to Magnetically Captivate the Room & Screen


When you have a powerful personal magnetic presence, you are able to captivate others when you enter a room, appear on video/TV, make presentations, or close sales.
You are able to attract more success, people take notice of you, want to hear what you have to say and desire to engage with you. It gives others a reason to trust you as a leader and feel connected to you. 
Below you will find my top 14 ways to do just that!

My hope is that this taster of tips will inspire you to try them out, experience the impactful results in your own life and enticed to come back for more!  
Here's to you being unforgettable. Undeniable. Magnetic.

All the best,

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  • First and foremost, decide you belong in the room. 
    It can be easy to feel out of place, or that you don't belong due to feeling intimidated, or that you are not enough. Know that you bring value to anyone you meet and decide that you WILL make some kind of positive impact.

  • Stand, walk and sit with a tall, open and confident posture.
    Your posture says so much about how you feel about yourself and how confident you are. This fosters confidence in you from others as they are more apt to trust a person who trusts themselves. You will also appear more put together and in control.  You will also look and feel more confident, radiant and healthy as your blood flow will be better and your breathing more effortless. 

  • Make eye contact as it develops trust of others.
    It also makes people feel heard, seen and connected. This includes looking in the lens of the camera when speaking instead of your own screen. Of course, watch that you do not stare in a creepy way, as that will have the opposite effect!

  • Smile when you enter a room, are on camera and when you meet people.
    Everyone is attracted to positive people as we like being lifted up. When someone seems happy we naturally want to follow as it is intriguing as to the reason why they are happy. 

  • Be in the moment.
    Do not let distractions get in the way of how you show up. When you are distracted by thoughts, phones, etc. it can feel like those are more important to you rather than who is next to you, or on the other side of the screen. You will be able to more powerfully respond and you will make others feel like they have your full attention.

  • Don't energetically and spatially shrink, or be a wallflower.
    Even if you are tempted to retreat, work to connect with one person at a time, make connections and expand from there. When you take up space and appear to be willing to interact others will be more drawn to you.

  • Dress to impress...stand out a bit.
    This attracts more eyes to you and it shows you take care of yourself, which presumably means you take care of others with high regard. Also, if you dress to the level of the highest level of person in the room, you will not feel underdressed and can interact with anyone in the room with confidence. 

  • Have open body language.
    Do not cross your arms and close yourself off as it will send a message of "I need to protect myself. Stand away and do not approach." Also, with open body language, you will take up more space, move with more flow and feel approachable. 

  • Have situational awareness, so to be able to read the room and energetically adapt accordingly.
    When you are aware of the energy, you are able to shift the energy from lackluster to vibrant, bored to interested, and emotionally touched rather than detached. You are able to take control of the situation and lift others up.

  • Have an air of mystery about you.
    Not to be manipulative, but don't show all your cards all at once as it makes people want to know more, learn more, and come back for more. 

  • Make yourself visible.
    Again, don't shrink, or hide. For example, when in at an event, enter the room with intention, walk around to meet people, stand in more prominent places.

  • Connect to people's emotions.
    When speaking in person, or on camera, tell stories that evoke feelings, memories and connections.  

  • Be self-aware instead of self-conscious.
    When you are self-conscious, you are focused on yourself and your insecurities.  When are you are self-aware, you are more grounded in the moment, can more effectively respond to others, change angles to look your best on camera, and shift your body language and intonation to create a more powerful "performance"  within your communication. 

  • Also, related to body language, have vocal variety.
    Variations in intonation, cadence, volume, speed and pausing can take your audience on an enticing journey they cannot get enough of, so have fun. 

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